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What Is Bonfire Sea Glass?

What is bonfire sea glass? Bonfire sea glass is what the name suggests – glass that has been fused in a bonfire. Sometimes, pieces of sand are trapped in the glass, sometimes, if the glass is near something rusty the rust is burned into the glass.  And sometimes, two different colors of glass are fused together. Here are some pictures of bonfire glass.

Note the rust and sand trapped in and on the glass.

This bonfire glass came from Fort Bragg, CA.

Years ago people threw their trash in the sea at Fort Bragg

Here is a piece of bonfire glass made into a caged sea glass pendant. You can find this pendant on our website. Imagine how this glass was fused years ago – perhaps two lovers sat by a bonfire on the beach and stared into the fire, pledging their love and unbeknownst to them two pieces of glass fused together. 

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