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  • High Quality Sea Glass Jewelry

    We are two sisters with a passion for sea glass - finding it and making it into unique sea glass jewelry pieces. We find our sea glass on the shores of beaches from Oregon to Mexico. After collecting the sea glass, we inspect each piece so that there are no chips. Each piece of sea glass we use must be flawless and 100% surf tumbled. We use American silver and 14kt gold filled wire to create our pendants, earrings, bracelets and other pieces of one of a kind jewelry. Making our sea glass jewelry gives us time to think about the glass, where it came from and to speculate on how old the piece might be and what is was originally - a beer bottle, a red ships latern, an old bottle? Sea glass is magical and often called "Mermaid's Tears." Our handcrafted sea glass jewelry is classic and timeless in style - truly a gift from the sea that will bring out the mermaid in you.
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